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February 19, 2010


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The last days i have been trying to browse dA for stolen art and report it, and i am horrified to say that some are even stupider than i thought possible.

here are some of the responses i got:

"Wtf, ur lame" (when someone stole my work and claimed it as their own)

"it is stock, i found it on google" (i am not even gonna explain how lame that one is)

"someone asked a deviant with stolen work how photographed the shots, the deviant replied: i uses my eyes and imagination"..IMAGINATION?! It is not imagination to upload someones work..

*sigh* I am gonna continue report though, and we all should.
though i was they had a cyber-punch someone in the face option for premium members.


All feedback, fav, comments are very appreciated.
I reached the point where i don`t have time to reply, but i read them all.
if there is anything you want me to answer, just drop me a note.
Thank you for supporting me :heart:

All my work is copyright ©Sortvind and can not be used without my permission.
Lawsuit can occur.

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Darc99 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010
stole some art from someone else is stupid...i wanna show MY art not the art from others -.-
oopsy--daisy Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010
as awful and appalling it is, there's a bright side; my mum always says that the best compliment a man can give another man's work is through copying them.
EBENEWOOD Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010   General Artist
Poor Steel...What you 're trying to do is like fighting against an invisible and immortal enemy....
It's a crazy necessary work and you know it .....
Because of internet "freedom", "honesty" is more than ever, a dusty word......:cuddle::sun:
shynsweetlilme Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010
WEll, keep going at it. I report any work as stolen if I see it as well. To the person with the comment on Google, lets hope they dont reproduce ever.
T-Thomas Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010   General Artist
aStRaLiLiTu Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Student Photographer
thieves in the real world and the cyber world..

just wondering,

if someone reports stolen art, is DA giving a warning to the person who stole the art or can they immediately deactivate the person's account??
what about a DA Constitution/DA police?? to have a strict rule reprimand those who steal art, bully others etc. (this is kinda idealistic though =[ )
xXKrissumXx Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Student General Artist
the nerve of some people. i mean i can understand if people just want to show amazing work they 'found of the internet' but just claiming the stolen pic is just ridiculous. stealing is not a great way to get attention >.<
Sun-Seeker Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010
I'll send you a litle file you can embed in your photos using photoshop actions than will completely FRY THEIR HARD DRIVES!!!!! :XD:
Sortvind Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010
Hahaha, for real?!
Sun-Seeker Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010
you wish!
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